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If you’ve ever made a large purchase before, you know that price is always a factor. You shop & shop until you find a good price, but is it really a good deal? In my experience, I find that so many people think they’ve found a wonderful deal when in reality they see a good price tag but the quality is not good. The diamond doesn’t sparkle, there is no fire or brilliance and you can see inclusions with the naked eye. When looking at diamonds there are so many contributors that go into the price that most people do not even know about. That is where I come in! I can show you what cut, color or clarity you should be looking for to find the perfect diamond for you. Without compromising any of the good stuff. You should always be buying a diamond that sparkles so much; it knocks your socks off!

Price is never an issue when you shop with me and neither is quality. I provide the highest quality at the lowest prices, I can promise you that!

For instance, I just looked on the web to find an engagement ring that is sold by a highly recognized organization & priced better than most competitors. (Not me of course) This ring is set in 14k white gold with a 2ct for $19,999

Screenshot 2014-06-30 14.53.02


They say the diamond could be a range of 1.95ct-2.10ct H-I color I1 clarity –all for the same price. Chances are that you are getting a 1.95ct I color I1 clarity

I can offer a 2.11ct G color SI1 clarity for only $11,559 set in the same ring as above (1-2 grades higher in color & 2 grades higher in clarity).

It is always a good idea to shop at more than one location. I recommend that my clients go to a few stores and tell me about what they’ve found or what interests them. Once we start going over quality & pricing, every time they are astounded by what I offer. You can always get better quality for the same price and usually about 1/2ct more diamonds also for the same price. I hope this brings some insight or helps you in some way during your shopping experience!



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